This is the twin year, the new era, the much awaited 2020. The race is on. Everyone wants the best. So why not want the best when it comes to a house. To make a house a home, there is some effort needed. Although there is a lot to consider when looking for a new home but the location always tops the list.

Even if you have the biggest and the most beautiful mansion with a gorgeous front lawn with the best garden furniture and a veranda with a small swinging chair but if the location is unpleasant to look at, you and your loved ones would not be able to enjoy your home the way you want to.

The next question is; how would you know if the location you are looking at is an ideal one? The answer is very simple, with schemes like Multi-professional cooperative housing society you don’t need to worry about location.

Project Overview
What is included in the location?


Educational Institutes:


For anyone with children, the first thing that is important is the educational institutes near your home. If your children are young or even if they are adults, you would want good reputable educational schools or universities nearby. Once you have moved into your new home, you cannot change the schools that are nearby. Therefore, this is something to be considered beforehand. If you purchase a home in an unfavourable location, regarding schools or universities, you will end up spending a lot on fuel as well as the time to and from the route.


The multi-professional cooperative housing society has taken care of this major factor. All the blocks have great educational institutes nearby. As we are aware of how important education is.


Day-to-day travelling:


Although it is highly unlikely to get a home near your work wouldn’t it be feasible to be able to get up an hour before you have to mark present at work? That is only possible if you move right next to your office. If you live forty-five minutes away from work even that is ideal but if you have to travel 2 hours just to get to work, you should consider moving. However, the MPCHS is less than an hour away from Blue Area Islamabad, where most of the offices are situated.


Traits of a neighbourhood:


When looking for a new home the most important thing to keep in mind is the character or atmosphere of that neighbourhood. There are a lot of important traits a neighbourhood must-have. If you keep them in mind while purchasing a home, you will realize, all these are available at multi professional cooperative housing society. There are a few things you need to consider about the character of the neighbourhood:


  • Safety: this character is of utmost importance. Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones. The satisfaction that your loved ones are safe at home while you leave for work or for a trip to another city is bliss. Do not take the safety of a neighbourhood for granted.

The multi-professional cooperative housing society tries to make the residential area is safe for not only children but also for the elderly and adults.


  • Cleanliness: we all know the problems we face due to unhygienic and dirty places. The stagnant water invites mosquitoes. The freshwater standing in one place causes dengue. To top it all, if hygiene is not proper, there is a risk of the novel Covid- 19. Hence, cleanliness is something that matters a lot these days.


Apart from that if the roads and streets in your neighbourhood are broken or damaged, it will disrupt your life. This will take a toll on your car, your kids might not be able to go for bicycle rides or simply play in the streets. We at MPCHS try to make the environment clean by making sure that the roads are fixed and that the garbage is being disposed of in a proper. It is common knowledge that our sewerage system is top-notch.


  • Unwelcoming: human beings are social animals. We need healthy social interactions to maintain good mental health. As much as we deny it, mental health is crucial if we want to function properly in every walk of life. A welcoming neighbourhood is far better than an unpleasant one. If your neighbours are unwelcoming or unpleasant to meet, it might be a blow to your happiness.


  • Isolated: being in isolation might be the need of the hour, due to Covid- 19, however, we need some social activity or some social interaction to be mentally healthy. We all need some isolated time sometimes, however, it should not become a part of our daily routine. If you can meet up with your friendly neighbours for just a cup of tea, is a huge blessing.


Worth of the property:


Property is one of the biggest assets one could acquire. Therefore, if you want to increase your assets, buying and selling property at the right time is the trick.


The value or price of a certain property is something you do not want to neglect if you are looking for homes, especially if you are looking for newly constructed houses. Finding the right kind of property with good resale value is the most important aspect if you will be selling the house in near future. By keeping the property value in mind you will only make informed decisions about your money.


With Multi Professional Co-operative Housing Society, this is one thing you do not need to fret about. Everything in our society is top-notch, therefore the prices and values of plots are bound to increase with the passage of time. The hardest part of buying a home is to find the right property. However, here at MPCHS, you can relax and just pick your favourite plot and begin the construction of your home. Rest assured that the value of your asset is going to be high after a short period of time.


Although we should warn you, once you have lived in MPCHS, you might not want to move to any other society.


Facilities available nearby:


One pro tip while buying a house, never underestimate the importance of having facilities near your home. If you have to drive miles just for some basic facilities, you should consider moving to a facility friendly neighbourhood is also known as MPCHS B-17. So if you have certain hobbies, some favourite shopping malls or even have any sort of health condition, you should consider moving to a place that already offers these amenities.


A Must Have Amenities:


Moving to a new place in a different neighbourhood is an adventure in itself. You probably don’t want any unwanted or unpleasant surprises when you move into your new dream home. We have already discussed the traits that a good neighbourhood should possess. However, one very major thing that should not be overlooked is how easily accessible the basic amenities are.


Everyone wants a comfortable home. What makes living more comfortable is if most facilities are within reach at any given point of the day. If you have to travel an hour just to get breakfast for the next day, it might not be an ideal location. As mentioned above, educational institutes and daily travelling are of importance, following is a list of the basic amenities people forget while looking for a new community to move into.




If you are a parent or simply someone who loves nature, you would want to move around and soak in the refreshing green colour from the plants. Make sure that the new home is close to the playground. If your kids have access to a safe playground, they will get the physical exercise that is needed to stay healthy.


Playgrounds provide a chance to get to know your neighbours and provide kids, housewives and elderly to become not only socially but physically active. This is crucial for their mental health.


Shopping centres:


Whether or not you are a shopaholic, shopping is crucial and nobody can deny that. Even if we have to go out for as small as a pair of socks or just a tie or a pack of teacups or even groceries, we do need to shop.


If the shopping centres or malls or shops are closer to where you live, it can make life easy. Imagine driving a few miles to shopping for something and when you get back home you realize that you forgot one of the shopping bags.


It is always a good idea to know where the major shopping destinations are before purchasing a house. Luckily for people living in MPCHS, as they will have all major and even some minor shopping centres nearby, ready to serve your various needs.


Health services:


You can sleep easy at night knowing that if God forbid, any health emergency arises you have access to a hospital, doctor and even a pharmacist. It is normal to overlook this detail. However, this is one of the most important facilities there is. Especially if you have old parents or very young children, this is one major facility that you might need at any time.


So a society where you will have good healthcare facilities available 24/7 is the only option. All the sectors of MPCHS have either hospitals or clinics and even pharmacies available nearby.


Recreational possibilities:


Recreation is important for the well-being of people. However, if you already live in the twin cities, you already have access to the best recreational options. Especially those who live in Islamabad can visit the northern side in less than two hours. If you feel bored at home during the weekend, pack a good picnic and go on a spontaneous trip to Murree or even Nathiya Gali.


Since the MPCHS is near the motorway, you can reach these destinations without the hassle of city traffic.


Sites for entertainment:


Any neighbourhood that has provided the facility of good entertainment is a great neighbourhood. Meeting up with friends is your favourite restaurant, or just getting takeaway fast food or Chinese for the family are the small things that make people genuinely happy. If you are someone who is an extrovert and enjoy outings, this is something you will definitely want near your new home.




Last but certainly not the least important thing, any good neighbourhood must have a mosque. Mosques are an integral part of our religion. They are mandatory and most men go to mosques to pray five times a day. Nowadays mosques have the most beautiful architecture. This not only promotes Islam in beautiful light but also invites more people to pray in them.


All these above-mentioned facilities and traits will soon be available to anyone who invests in the glorious multi- professional cooperative housing society. We have taken care of all the basic life necessities as well.


Introduction to MPCHS:


This is the era of modernization and sophistication. This is exactly what we aim to provide our clients at MPCHS also known as Multi Professional cooperative housing society. B-17 is one of the many sectors in MPCHS.

Multi Professional cooperative housing society has been famous for not only the promotion of investment in real estate but also in the development of high standard housing schemes all over the capital. This is a platform that gives equal benefits to the buyers and the sellers with their transparent deals.


A little Background of MPCHS:


These days everything is upgraded and we do mean everything. Especially with the new and improved technology, not just the phones have become smartphones but art and architecture too. After smart houses, we now present a smart city.


The multi-professional cooperative housing society of Islamabad first made and submitted a layout plan in 2005 and 2006. The B-17 project was commenced during the regime of Pervaiz Musharraf. This layout was presented to the CDA for the multi-garden phase 1 scheme.


Since this was a new scheme, back then, the MPCHS encompassed just three blocks, black A, block B and block C. however, phase 1 was anything but minuscule. It spanned more than 7650 kanals of land and more than 4600 residential plots. These blocks are situated along the grand truck road also known as the GT road.


The project was put on hold and remained on the pending list for some time till it regained its importance in Yousaf Raza Gillani’s government. This was due to the introduction of the new Islamabad International Airport. Realizing its worth, in 2009 the CDA collaborated with the multi-professional housing society and encouraged the development of sector E-11. this sector is located near the famous and gorgeous Margalla hills and Glora.


Since 2009 the multi-professional cooperative housing society had already started the much-awaited phase two of the project. This phase consisted of block C- 1extension, block D, block D and block F. by 2018, the MPCHS had already launched the new sector touching the Motorway, block G.




If you do not have the basic facilities available near you then it might be time to sit and take a decision that could change your and your loved ones’ life for the better. Now, you are probably intimidated by all that has been mentioned and are wondering how would you ever afford a house in a location so prime.


Fortunately for our clients, we have kept in mind the needs and wants of the majority of the population while planning MPCHS. There is a wide variety of plot sizes and prices accordingly. Each sector caters to small and big plots, according to the requirement of the buyer.


Multi-Residential Orchard View:


This scheme has been designed for people who are more into a quiet life and want to spend their time away from the hassle of the city.


This scheme constitutes of plots ranging from 5 kanals to 10 kanals. These plots are equipped with basic necessities of life. To mention a few


  • Wide roads


    • Parks


    • Hospitals


    • Commercial area


    • Educational institutes


    • Underground electricity


    • Sui gas


This location is ideal for anyone looking to make a farmhouse. We have even added a few residential blocks due to a few members’ persistent force.


There are certain specialities that make this scheme even more attractive. We strive for a better society; therefore, we have made it easier for the buyers by


  • Keeping prices affordable


    • Instalments are easy to pay


    • There is even an extraordinary reduction on the lump sum payment.


Location of B-17:


By now you might already have an idea of the ideal location of the MPCHS. This sector is situated on the east of the grand trunk road also called the GT Road while the M-1 motorway is on the west of the sector B-17. This new sector is developing in the Zone II of the capital.   The B-17 multi gardens society is spread over a vast land and divided into sectors A-18, B- 17 and B-18. This area is further divided into the following blocks:


Block A

Block B

Block C

Block D

Block E

Block F

Block G


We offer a wide variety of residential plots along with different price ranges. The price range of each block differs from the other. There are not only residential but commercial plots available to purchase as well. Following is a map of all the blocks put together.


Despite being one of the prime locations of Islamabad people are reluctant to buy the plots here as they are sceptical of its value and think of it as a scam. They are right to have that concern. However, everyone needs to take some sort of risk. The fact remains that here you can go and check out the place. You will know it’s not a risk but an investment to purchase a plot here.


The prices are not that low, however, the instalments have been made easy to help with the purchasing power of the population.


Facilities available:


The residential plots facilitate their clients as much as possible with not only just the basic necessities but also the world-class facilities, safe and secure environment to raise a family and great architecture. Following are the facilities available at MPCHS B-17:


  • Water 24/7 availability along with a filtration plant


  • Electricity and Sui gas lines are underground


  • Mosque


  • The community centre and sports club


  • Healthcare centre


  • Police station


  • A beautiful lake


  • Playground, parks and even jogging tracks


  • Restaurants and hotels


  • Recreational and commercial centres


  • Shopping centres and shopping malls


  • Petrol pump


  • Schools, colleges and universities


The fact remains that your quality of life and general well-being depends on where you live. The better the location you provide your kids to live in the better personalities they will develop. This will not only help them become successful but in the long run benefit Pakistan from the good citizen they become.


The future for the multi- professional cooperative housing society seems very bright. As even during this pandemic our clients have not suffered any loss. Neither the buyers nor the sellers. In a decade we have provided Islamabad with one of the best residential as well as commercial societies. Invest in MPCHS while there is still time. Once the plots are sold out, we will not be able to provide you with the easy instalments we are offering now.

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