Faisal Hills Islamabad

Faisal Hills is a housing development venture located in Taxila Islamabad. This scheme was created by the highly regarded and well – known creators of Zedem International.

The designers recently launched this tremendous development plan that has become one of Islamabad’s most stable and successful ventures seamlessly.

Faisal Hills has a wonderful and prestigious lifestyle to offer you.

Project Overview


Faisal Hills Location:


This site is situated in the Taxila district, which is called Pakistan’s heavy industrial area, and now the purchaser can have a spectacular and excellent household in the city of prospects here.


This housing development is a magnanimously built project that is enclosed by natural attractions, offering a safe and serene atmosphere with a stunning view of Margalla Hills. They pledge to produce products on time, With high-quality facilities.


This development is located at the Main G.T. Road near the Taxila zone and MPCHS Region in Islamabad, the optimal and conveniently accessible and on-hand venue. The location chosen has an impressive and eye-catching sight of the Margalla Hills and is a little far outside from the Islamabad Expressway. It seeks to deliver the property owners quality of life at an appropriate price.


It has received RDA authorization but LOP is still under regulation process.  they plan to undergo a development effort for the society, following the balloting and issuance of the plots and the official map of the Faisal Hills, it is rather a wide field, which suggests that the plots would be significantly higher in the structure. The reservation is open on a first-come and first-served basis.


Faisal Hills Housing Plots:


They sell numerous residential plot dimensions comprising 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal and 2 plots. Either cash payment or repayment plans will buy the plots.  you can reserve any plot with a 10,000-registration number, 10 per cent personal loan and the remaining sum In 14 quarterly instalments which are spread over.


Current Value Proposals Faisal Hills:


The strategy listed above is split into 18 quarterly instalments. In comparison, the comprised entirely-cash payment gives a 21 per cent discount. The above-listed rates are prior to the full discount in currency. The lum number is 5.56 Marla 3,070,000, 8 Marla 4,260,000, 10.89 5,600,000, 14.22 Marla 7,020,000, 1 Kanal 9,470,000 & 2 Kanal is 18,160,000,000 The lum number is on a 21 percent discount basis..


Development Status:


The concept was introduced in 2006, while in September the balloting was carried out around the same year. On a 3.5-year instalment agreement, 9000 documents were provided. 2500 additional files have been released lately. But it was not regarded as such, owing to the slightly higher price. But it should be noticed that housing property records of 5- and 8-Marla have been already sold out & are only eligible for retail sale.




Faisal Hills is yet another magnificent conference held by Zedem International from well-known developers. Previously, Faisal Margalla City (FMC), Faisal Town (FT) & Faisal Residencia (FR) were enthusiastically delivered. They have managed to deliver infrastructure projects of high quality in a short span of time.


Opinion of Ammanat Specialist:


The proposal is from a very stable builder, a development company who has been producing regularly. The thoughts behind the ventures are the sound developer known as Chaudry Majeed. The initiatives previously delivered are B-17, E-11, Silver Oaks, Faisal Town F-18 & many more. Despite being a little costly for the region & being based in Rawalpindi it would still be a worthwhile option.


NOC is only awaiting the ultimate sanction, but the plots’ accumulation of Resources does not appear to cease. It is also widely sought after with really strong benefit for investors seeking to spend less than a year for the mid to brief period. All in, a really great initiative with an excellent location & the ammanat acknowledges sure the spectacular views will be outstanding once it’s built.


Contemporary-day installations:


They have all the requisite services and modern-day infrastructure, much like the Capital Smart City. At Faisal Hills Area, the facilities provided include:


  • Fenced, gated, and Environment appropriately controlled.


  • Network of energy and of Sui Gas.


  • Clean potable water 24/7.


  • Lush green parks, and playground for youngsters.


  • Sports field with stretches of jogging.


  • Stores, educational institutions and a madrassa in Central Square.


  • Core for Culture.


Faisal Hills is a marvel of liberalism mostly recognized for its spectacular and glamorous, evergreen setting. It is fully fitted with all standard day to day use equipment.


Publication to Faisal Hills:


In the upcoming volume of the magazine from Faisal Hills dated June / July 2019. They have exchanged significant and very simple reports about Faisal Hills residential development G.T road improvements and potential planning plans. In addition to improvements, there is a statement about the rise in official rates, the cancellation of open files and the deadline for clearing outstanding.


Residential-scheme blocks:


It is originally composed of blocks A, B, and C, but now another block has been introduced that is ‘E’ block, named ‘Executive Block’ just at the entrance of the G.T. Lately, road improvement work has begun on the administrative block and the rates are being updated.


The Newsletter Salient Points:


  • Faisal Hills is Taxila’s fastest and biggest residential property, containing more than 12,000 lands.


  • There is a 150 ft busy thoroughfare under development linking the business to GT Road and Main Entrance Gate. They have sought approval from the NHA to get direct access to GT Lane.


  • Another GT Road entry is also designed and measured right, so an individual can have 2 separate business points of interest from the primary GT Road. The second inlet will be 225 ft deep.


  • Allah Wala Memorial Chowk has been wonderfully built.


  • Design work is currently underway to construct a bridge structure on the Nullah and link it to the GT road via a 150-foot-wide road, but that will be completed soon without any fault at all.


  • A 22-story complex will soon be built on 12 Kanal property, which will consist of a 4-story indoor shopping complex. The building’s architecture and construction projects were entrusted to the prominent and respectable artist, Jamshed Khan.


  • The creation of a union square has begun in block A.


  • The construction of 3 new presidential block parks has also begun.


  • A majestic Jamia madrasa has been officially launched in June with a capacity of 3000 citizens and is being used by individuals.


  • The Industrial Build is also building a spectacular and peaceful family park, in which imported slides, gazebos and chairs will be placed, and bbq markets will be developed soon.


  • The administrative building of the community where Football field, cricket pitch and Basketball field will be constructed has also launched a sports centre.


  • Overhead reservoirs, deep ponds, and tube wells were officially launched in A block to provide water in the city.


  • And over more than 40 workplaces for the property would soon be established in the town.


  • In order to promote file exchanges, instalment payments, and plot bookings, the organization plans to build a 5-story work area on a plot scale of 17570. The building’s planning and development work has been entrusted to renowned architects Abdul Basit.


  • Members should apply their unpaid instalments by July 22, 2019, in trying to evade escalation costs and punitive creation fees.


  • Move your source files by 22nd July 2019 just after clearance of pending instalments. After 22 July 2019, the company will terminate all source files that can be recovered after an appropriate explanation and reimbursement of recovery fees for 5 lacs.




One of several best options of your life existence will definitely be to buy your plot in Faisal Hills, one of the poshest places with enticing views with all the luxury items of life. For the remainder of your days, build a property here and feel divine. Growing up in a stable and balanced setting is fun and secure for family members. There is an aura of satisfaction to see such a stunning and perfect sight under one head that is Faisal Hills, with all of the facilities.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

38.9 LAC

5.56 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 435,000/-

18 Installments: 192,000/-

53.9 LAC

8 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 710,000/-

18 Installments: 260,000/-

70.9 LAC

10.89 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 970,000/-

18 Installments: 340,000/-

88.9 LAC

14.22 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 1,240,000/-

18 Installments: 425,000/-

1.19 CRORE

1 Kanal

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 14,60,000/-

18 Installments: 585,000/-

2.29 Crore

2 Kanal

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 17,500,00/-

18 Installments: 1,180,000/-

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