Mivida City Islamabad

Mivida is a Spanish term for “the joy of life.” For the sake of all, and for natural world ‘s affection. The Mivida Islamabad is among the first Eco- Friendly residential sector in pakistan. In addition, it is included in the large infrastructure projects of Islamabad. However, Mivida, comes with special technologies and resources to conserve elegance.

Mivida residential development Islamabad is the first eco-sustainable town in Pakistan with special amenities and outstanding characteristics. It is a venture that offers its inhabitants a high-quality, trendy and comfortable lifestyle with an extravagantly green and fresh climate.

A diverse culture will appear in Mivida. The aim of this project is to create a 100% eco-sustainable and luxurious lifestyle. In addition, an investment that, for decades, remains secure. Focusing primarily on focusing on local output & capital rather than selling something from outside. Smart technology and solutions management were implied to ensure a better quality of life.

Project Overview
Vision of Mivida:


Initiate eco-sustainable functionality to preserve the city‘s ecosystem. The projects include a 100% Eco-sustainable ecosystem for the Unique Lifestyle to secure the climate change feature. This investment in luxury homes has been made, for now, planned for decades to come. Mivida’s vision is to give them all the amenities at your doorstep.


Master Plan:

The Meinhardt Group is planning the Mivida Master Plan. Holistic Hybrid Space Planning is based on this symbol of the emergence of the new era. In other words, they integrate multiple functional architectural entities. Each area has an immediate route to link.


Mivida ‘s architecture plan is segregated into many neighbourhoods as a whole, the living complex consists of the Resort Community, Golf Community, ECO Community, Mix-use Community, Entertainment Community, Medical Community, School Community, Shopping Community & Sports Community. Meanwhile, Mivida compromises the following investment units:


  • Housing and Industrial Shares


  • Corporate & Maintain New Partnerships


  • Cottages & Living Resort


  • Residential Apartments Medium & High Rise


  • Luxurious Villas


  • Organic cultivation


  • Club Membership


The residential plots are sold exclusively in the following groups:


  • 5 Marla


  • 8 Marla


  • 10 Marla


  • 14 Marla


  • 20 Marla


  • 40 Marla




The place of Mivida is conveniently positioned on Motorway M2. 10 minutes by car from the New Islamabad International Airport & 5 minutes from Rawalpindi Ring Road. In addition, it’s preferably surrounded by Rawalpindi Ring Road that contributes more towards the position of Mivida. Moreover, you can enter it from Chakri lane as well.




The needed & promised world quality facilities are heavily concentrated in this grand undertaking. In order to establish an outstanding lifestyle, it is exceptionally dynamic:


  • Medical Sickbay, Fitness Centers & Hospitals


  • College in Pharmacy, Training Hubs


  • The Own One Stop Shop in every neighbourhood


  • Offices for public services, banks, fire departments, express transport hubs.


  • Playgrounds, churches, gardens, multi-purpose halls.


  • Shops in the retail, hotels, cafés, sustainable markets


  • Clubs, Gyms, Complex of Athletics & Ground of Cricket


  • Cinemas, Aquaria & Entertainment Areas


Environment-friendly Sustainable Services:


  • Water consumption decreased


  • Clean use of energy through solar farms, wind turbines & organic plants


  • Bio-domes with the passive method of ventilation


  • Sewerage Recycling Bio-filtered


  • Regulation of consolidated waste, recycling centres & bins


  • Water Treatment Plant & Water Management


  • Sewerage Farm for Recycling & Disposal


  • Ponds for Rainwater Storage


  • Stormwater management system


  • Greywater supply Maintenance


  • Strategies for Natural Landscape Restoration


Smart Premises:


  • The framework of Smart Monitoring & Defense


  • Smart metering and surveillance system


  • Smart energy stations for electric cars


  • Smart system for gathering garbage


  • Smart Fire / Danger Protection Device


  • Control for Smart Air Quality


  • Portals & Forums for Smart People


Mivida-The Special Edge:

Several of the characteristics that catch your heart at Mivida are. Growth, sustainability and orientation. The Most Desirable Place to Live in Pakistan.


In addition, Systematic Hybrid Planning of floors, Enhanced Quality of Services and Increased Efficiency in Functionality. Mivida Islamabad is a beautiful location that looks like an ever-living environment for family life.


Here are some of Mivida Pakistan’s features that make MIVIDA a unique edge. The Overlay of smart technology, the Transportation infrastructure network within the City.


Mivida Pakistan’s wise Eco-Sustainability:


Mivida is an existing residential company. Committed to having an ecosystem that is environmentally friendly. The developer of Mivida is aiming to have world-class services and a safe ecosystem for Pakistan’s first city of the future where you can follow a balanced lifestyle.


All Special & Recycled Products:


Mivida Pakistan offers an excellent atmosphere and facilities. All in all, the Health Centres of Hospitals, and Own One-Stop Markaz of the Community.


As well as the Clubs with Agricultural Shops, the Gymnasiums, the Aquarian, and the Leisure Centre.


Smart Homes in Mivida:

Firstly, The Smart Monitoring and the Intelligent surveillance system. Secondly,  The Smart Metering and, the Smart Management System. Thirdly, the Smart Car recharging stations and the Wireless Hubs.


Fourthly, the Smart collection and disposal of waste. The Smart Fire / Hazard Protection System, Smart Air Emission Control and Smart Traffic Management are all included.


The Smart Street Lighting System and the Smart Citizen Portals and the Platforms are also available.



Mivida is a collaborative operation of Khanial Builders (Pvt) Limited in cooperation with the Singapore Engineering company Meinhardt Projects & Maxim investment company from Egypt is the organization’s main investors. These three companies have embraced forces and formed a consortium named Mivida Technologies PVT LTD.


Meinhardt Developments is a company established in Singapore. formed in 1980, it has assets around the world. In offering a wide variety of state-of-the-art ventures, goods and services across international borders, it is experienced in revolutionizing the way people live, work & appreciate life. They still have vast expertise in the infrastructure field.


Mivida Pakistan Offers:


Residential and Commercial Plots:


The plot dimensions in residential and industrial Mividia are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 20 Marla, 40 Marla.


Corporate and Retail Modern Business Areas:


Mivida provides new fields of industry where there are a number of business possibilities. In addition, for the residence of Mivida, all facilities and services are available to meet all the needs.


Live Chalets & Resorts:


In Chalets Resort, the 1 and 2 Kanal of Stand-Alone Resort Living without Adjacent are included plots. Chalets Villas overlook the pool. Apartments at Beach Hotel. The resorts in Lake Freshwater with boat & Fishing Clubs. However, the Sustainable Botanical Gardens accompany this city. In addition, Parks Unique Leisure Island Social Club offers exclusive access to the golf course.


Low & High-rise apartments Residential:


The low and high-rise residential apartments have been stylishly constructed and professionally designed by Mivida Pakistan. The antithesis of contemporary class and style.


Luxurious Villas:


The Mivida is planned to elevate your daily life with luxurious villas. Since these villas are built with walkable streets that are well-shaded, generous green areas and numerous facilities are provided. So, you and your loved ones are going to embrace the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


Organic Farms:


The Farms in Mivida Islamabad are distinctive and aesthetic. However, inside a vibrant community, it offers an aspirational lifestyle.


Communities in Mividia:


While Mivida Pakistan is the first eco-sustainable city with smart development for Islamabad. Therefore, Mivida Pakistan is split into separate groups in the housing community. Firstly, the Culture of the Resort. Secondly, the Culture of Golf. Thirdly, the Group ECO. Fourth, the Culture of Mixed-use. Furthermore, MIVIDA supports the Entertainment Industry, The biomedical group, the education and training sector, the shopping group and the sporting sector.




NOC has not yet been issued, but as this is only the preliminary release & foreign investors & Singaporean firm’s solid support, this phase can indeed be completed rapidly.




Mavida Islamabad has an eco-friendly environment offering a luxurious lifestyle. In ultra-luxury residential projects, Mivida Islamabad is distinguished by an emphasis on setting unrivalled standards.


For ultimate consumer loyalty and the fastest return on investment, MIVIDA Pakistan.


Via unique creative services for Mega Luxury Residential, Business, Entertainment and Leisure Ventures, Hotels & Restaurants, Food & Beverage, Mega Retail Shops, Architecture & Design Consultancy, and Investment Advisory, they have converted MIVIDA Pakistan’s dream into reality.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

14.99 LAC

5.5 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 150,000/-

Confirmation: 150,000/-

Possession: 149,000/-

14 Quarterly Installments: 75,000/-  

19.99 LAC

8 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 200,000/-

Confirmation: 200,000/-

Possession: 199,000/-

14 Quarterly Installments: 100,000/-  

23.99 LAC

10 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 225,000/-

Confirmation: 225,000/-

Possession: 199,000/-

14 Quarterly Installments: 125,000/-  

29.99 LAC

14 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 300,000/-

Confirmation: 300,000/-

Possession: 299,000/-

14 Quarterly Installments: 150,000/-  

44.99 LAC

20 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 500,000/-

Confirmation: 500,000/-

Possession: 489,000/-

14 Quarterly Installments: 215,000/-  

84.99 LAC

40 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment: 850,000/-

Confirmation: 850,000/-

Possession: 849,000/-

14 Quarterly Installments: 425,000/-  

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