Green Palms Gwadar

Green palms is the largest planned project in Gwadar with the best infrastructure and all the basic life facilities. It is constantly gaining approval among people due to its active development and low-cost prices. It is located at the intersection of Makran Coastal Highway and Kahan Avenue.

It is under construction but presently phase 1 is completed and under bookings. Moreover, Green palms has also introduced Overseas districts for the overseas Pakistanis providing them the access to luxurious life.

Project Overview
Developers of Green Palms Gwadar:


Green palms Gwadar is a project of well-known land developers Rafi Group limited. Rafi group has been serving the real estate land since 1978. They have provided several huge successful projects that have always been ahead of time. Rafi Group is known for its credibility and reliability.


A few well-known projects under the Rafi group includes Defense Shopping Mall, Green acres, City Car Centre, Empire Centre, Express Tower etc. With the accomplishment of enormous projects, The Rafi group has now taken a step forward with the prelude of green palms Gwadar.


Location of Green Palms Gwadar:


Green Palms is located at the intersection of Makran Coastal Highway and Kohan Avenue. It has the largest front at Coastal Highway covering at least 1.2km and Kahan Avenue with 1 km of area. The astonishing location of Green Palms provides direct access to the beach. Further, Airport and other business districts are just at the 15 minutes drive from Green Palms.


Map of Green Palms Gwadar:


Green Palms Housing Project Gwadar is in the heart of Gwadar. It is conveniently located at the intersection of main Makran Coastal Highway (1.25KM front) and Kahan Avenue (1KM front). It has direct access to the beach and central business district along these roads.



Master Plan of Green Palms Gwadar:



Total Area and NOC Approval:


NOC of Green Palms Gwadar was approved by GDA in 3 stages. It has total of 1065 acres of approved land and is under development.


Features of Green Palms Gwadar:


Green Palms Gwadar is the largest housing society to be developed in Gwadar. It is a long-term investment plan keeping all the basic facilities in consideration. It has modern infrastructure, with a clean and safe environment. The other conveniences include:

• Society Security
• Educational Institutions
• Amusement
• Tennis court
• Parks
• Sewerage System
• Water Treatment
• 24/7 Electricity availability
• Gas Facilities
• Mosque
• Gymnasium
• Community Club
• Postal Services
• Community Clubs
• Squash courts


Briefly, The Rafi group has taken a strong initiative to introduce the modern housing society in the future Economical hub of Pakistan.


Overseas Block:


The overseas block is another step taken by the Rafi group for the Overseas Pakistanis to have access to better living facilities. Both Residential and Commercial Plots are available on 4 years instalment plans. Residential Plots of 3.2, 5, 7 and 14 Marla whereas commercial plots of 4 Marla are accessible.


Why Invest in Gwadar:


Gwadar that is also referred to as “The city of Future” is in the development stage for several years now. It is the second deepest seaport in the world. China and Pakistan collaborated to bring the best out of Gwadar by the OBOR project. CPEC is the one example of the OBOR project and several other projects are under development phase yet. China first decided to make an investment worth $42 billion but eventually analyzing the huge profit China is expected to cash, they decided to make it $62 billion and it is expected to reach $70 billion soon. 20-25 billion dollars of investment has already been done and the development is started.


Gwadar is distributed in two parts East Bay and West Bay. East bay is narrowed for industrial and commercial departments while West Bay is limited for residencia. East Bay is under construction for several projects including the expansion of International Airport which will be Pakistan’s largest airport and is expected to be completed at the end of 2022. Moreover, different industries are to be set there which will produce the job opportunity for people.


Right now, residential and commercial plots are available at low-cost prices and are re-referred as long-term investments. The amount of money you invest today is going to be 10x in the coming few years. As a developed country like Chine has invested in it, the project is gaining more popularity with time as different other countries have also shown interest including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and a few central Asian counties.


Gwadar is going to be the 2nd planned city of Pakistan. Its security is under the authority of the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy. Gwadar’s successful projects would lead to the economic development of Pakistan as well as China so the economic importance of Gwadar is undeniable. So, keeping its importance in view we can say Gwadar is going to be the second Dubai where people only dream to own property.




To conclude we may say, as Green Palms is the largest housing scheme of Gwadar so all the luxurious lifestyle and the basic facilities you are looking for are there for you. The development phase is started. Roads and street construction, Installment of water supply distribution and sewerage system, and connection of electric poles to the national power grid have already been done. It is just a matter of time for the project to get completed. The investment you make today is going to be 10x profitable in the coming 10 years.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

7.2 LAC

3.2 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment 20%: 144,000/-

Ballot Installment 10%: 72,000/-

48 Monthly Installments: 10,500/-

11.25 LAC

5 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment 20%: 225,000/-

Ballot Installment 10%: 112,500/-

48 Monthly Installments: 16,500/-

14.58 LAC

7 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment 20%: 291,600/-

Ballot Installment 10%: 145,800/-

48 Monthly Installments: 21,500/-

25.20 LAC

14 Marla

Residential Plot

Down Payment 20%: 504,000/-

Ballot Installment 10%: 252,000/-

48 Monthly Installments: 36,500/-

28.80 LAC

4 Marla

Commercial Plot

Down Payment 20%: 576,000/-

Ballot Installment 10%: 288,000/-

48 Monthly Installments: 42,000/-

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